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Youth Coordinator & Instructor

Sophie started riding at Taylor River Farm when she was 10 years old, and since that time has been deeply involved with the Morgan horse. Over her career, Sophie has been seen in the show ring winning blue ribbons at the New England regional level and even received a Top Five ribbon at the Morgan Grand National and World Championship Horse Show. In 2018, Sophie earned the honor of being named the American Morgan Horse Association's Youth of the Year. As part of her prize package, Sophie traveled to Texas to give a clinic on youth of the year contests, and so began her journey to becoming a riding instructor.


Sophie started as an intern horseback riding instructor under the direction of the staff at Taylor River Farm, beginning to teach lessons at the age of 16. She has a passion for seeing her students reach personal milestones in their riding careers, whether that be gaining confidence in their lessons or attending their first horse show. Her teaching philosophy encourages every student to be an active participant in their own learning. In addition to teaching lessons.


Sophie coordinates the youth programs at Great Island Riding Academy. She is always excited to add new riders to Great Island's youth group and camp programs. Sophie has held executive board positions on the AMHA Youth Council, most recently as president. In addition to her role as a riding instructor at Great Island Riding Academy, she is studying business administration and sport management at New England College. 

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