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Our Lesson Horses

We have an exceptional selection of well-trained lesson horses that guarantees a match for every rider. Many of our accomplished horses have show experience for riders looking to advance their riding careers.



11 year old Morgan mare

Lulu was born at Taylor River Farm! She is wonderful with beginner riders who are learning how to post. She is also a favorite pick for the world class show riders when they want to stay fit with a work-out lesson. Bring out the weights - Lulu is your girl!


32 year old Morgan gelding

Bug may be the OLDEST horse at the barn, but he loves his job! His favorite thing to do is give toddler lessons. He has been the foundation to countless World Champion riders. Although his cute little ‘bug eyes” are no longer seen bouncing around the show ring, he still deserves the credit of creating industry supporters of the future.

IMG_4208 3.JPG


21 year old Morgan gelding

Lucky is a retired show horse who loves nothing more than taking new riders to academy shows. He likes to teach walk/trot hunt seat riders how to have confidence in the show ring. He is built like an old-style Morgan being short and stocky, but he has the most beautiful face and expressive eyes. 


9 year old Morgan gelding

Before Hoff began his career as a lesson horse, he was a World Champion in classic pleasure driving! Now, Hoff can be found teaching intermediate to advanced riders how to ride a show horse and competing with them in the Academy division. 



21 year old Morgan mare

Meg is a gentle and loving lady. She helps riders of all levels develop their skills. Meg used to be a show horse and has even won a World Championship! Now, Meg is loved by the Great Island lesson program and enjoys taking her riders to the academy show ring.

stevens A097A-075-21SCM.jpg



22 year old Morgan mare

Rosie has had a very long career - from show horse to broodmare to lesson horse! Rosie still attends academy shows with members of our Academy Team. At home, she can be found teaching tiny tot lessons and helping our walk-trot riders practice a variety of skills. 

Did you know that Rosie is the mother of one of our lesson horses, Lulu? 

HTA WT 2021 278_edited.jpg


17 year old Morgan mare

Katy is a sweetheart! She’s been an academy horse for Great Island since 2018. She loves to compete in the leadline division and strut her stuff in walk/trot. She teaches advanced riders what it feels like to ride a show horse. Careful – she might steal a kiss!


22 year old Morgan mare

10 year old Saddlebred gelding

Buster was started under saddle by Ellie as a two-year-old when she was working at her first training job in West Virginia. Eight years later, she found him as an Amish cart horse in need of rescuing and brought him home to Great Island Riding Academy where he is turning into a wonderful lesson horse.


Coming Soon - Ollie

Coming Soon - Penny



20 year old Morgan gelding

Dee is no stranger to the show ring and has had a long career with his owner, Annie. He loves to teach and is often found teaching beginners through advanced riders. Some of his greatest skills are teaching young riders to canter for the first time or introducing adult riders to the sport. Dee attends Academy shows with our Academy team and is a favorite at home or at horse shows!

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